Naish Thrust WS1 Foil

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  • SSF11012
THRUST WS 1 FOIL All-around Freeride Foil Standard Mast Size: 70 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.46 |... mehr

Naish bietet mit diesem Foil nicht die ultimative Low-Wind-High-Performance Lösung, sondern viel mehr ein Foil mit dem man lernt und Spaß haben kann! Genau wie Robbie ohne Trapez und in Boardshorts sollte eigentlich niemand die Faszination des "Fliegens" verpassen!

Produktinformationen "Naish Thrust WS1 Foil"


All-around Freeride Foil

Standard Mast Size: 70 cm |Aspect Ratio: 3.46 | Wingspan: 65 cm | Surface Area: 1220 cm2 | Fuselage: 64.2 cm

The Thrust WS 1 was developed with Robby Naish to be the ultimate easy access fun foil system. Thanks to its modified delta platform, it launches early, provides excellent flight stability, yet never becomes unmanageable at speed. Featuring a larger version of the integrated rudder developed for the Kite foil, the WS system tracks well, while remaining responsive and intuitive for turns and maneuvers. The long fuselage—which adds stability—has been modified to move the mast back, making it possible to use the Thrust WS 1 with existing slalom and freeride boards. Naish’s unique stabilizer adjustment system allows the entire setup to be optimally tuned for individual riders. The medium (70 cm) extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system. Naish is very pleased to introduce cutting edge technology that brings excitement and fun back to windsurfing at the bottom end of the wind spectrum.



  • Modified Delta Planform = Early launch + stability + control
  • Adjustable Stabilizer = Allows wing to be perfectly tuned for a wide range of rider weights
  • Integrated Rudder Foil = Increased directional stability + better turning


  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 Mast & Fuselage
  • Fiberglass Composite Wings
  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware



Baujahr: 2018
Typ: Foil
Gewicht: < 85 KG, > 85 KG, -75 KG
Fahrkönnen: Fortgeschritten, 5-6
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