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Cobian Aqua Jump Jr. charcoal

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  • SSF13144.4
  A go-to for the beach! Water-friendly with a squishy EVA top-sole and synthetic... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cobian Aqua Jump Jr. charcoal"


A go-to for the beach! Water-friendly with a squishy EVA top-sole and synthetic “get-wet” leather strap, this sandal offers both comfort and practicality. Complete with a multi-density footbed with arch support.

  • Super squishy EVA top-sole
  • Comfortable, synthetic “get-wet” leather strap

ABOUT THIS SANDAL: Super squishy EVA top-sole, comfortable EVA strap, and Cobian branded outsole. See image left with technical call outs to learn more.
COMFORT – From anatomically-designed footbeds with arch support to premium materials intended to caress your skin; Cobian has been recognized as a market leader in providing comfortable sandals since 1995.

QUALITY – See why millions of sandal lovers worldwide choose Cobian. From design to manufacturing, our quality assurance process ensures you enjoy our sandals from the moment you slip them on.

VALUE – Cobian goes to great lengths to offer more features in its sandals than any of its competitors enabling you to enjoy a great sandal at an even better price!

ENDLESS COMFORT GUARANTY - Every Pair of Cobian sandals comes with a lifetime warranty.

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