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True to its roots, the Alaia takes it back to when surfing began in Hawaii. Introducing... mehr

Perfektes Spaßgerät für Leichtwindtage - Einfach nur cruisen!

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True to its roots, the Alaia takes it back to when surfing began in Hawaii.

Well it’s a bit of wood isn’t it? Lovely wood, all lacquered and shiny with some nice detailing grooves and stickers….But it’s a piece of wood! That’s what I thought when I first saw the NaishAlaia. We laughed, joked about it, and I popped it in the van to try when next out. Since then it’s been a mainstay in the regular quiver and everyone wants a blast on it… So, what’s it all about then?!

The Alaia is shaped out of solid Paulownia wood. What else can I say about the make up? It’s 5’9 long and 15½” wide, and it’s a sleek looking wooden plank, slightly reminiscent of something a 1960s surfer might have carved from a tree pre plastic and glass technology!

I have tried not to compare the Alaia to any mainstream board because quite frankly it’s not comparable, and it would be illogical to do so. I have simply spitballed a few notes about what I experienced and the feedback I got from the lads and lasses down the beach. Get up and Go It does, you need a bit of grunt if you’re in the chop,but on the flat it picks up well, sort of skim board-esque. You need to stand towards the back third to allow the nose to not dive in, as there’s no real rocker there. It’s a great stick to grab in those light moments on a flat-water spot and just go and

have fun. Flex and Pop None and none! It’s not solid but it’s not far off and none of the flex gives performance in any way, it may soften the knees a tiny bit but nothing to write home about. Pop, well if you’re up for some eyeball cleansing then go for your life. It’s not that keen to fly and there’s not a lot of shape to keep it attached. But, hell, it’s so much fun to try! You can get the nose up easily and jump turns are really fun and not too bad as you can’t land badly. Ride comfort and Tracking “Slippery little sucker” is that’s what Julia Roberts said about the oysters in Pretty Woman (showing my age there) I would concur with the Naish Alaia… Not sure what she would say! It’s a totally unique and bizarre feel, where its total lack of grip, direction, stability and feel are like nothing else – yet this is exactly what makes it soooo much fun to ride.

Did we mention that it’s made of wood, just wood. But wood does look great…

So it’s a totally random plank. But the coolest kid in all the vids is the one that picks up a plank and rides on it… I love this thing. It’s simply, fun, and amongst all the performance boards and kites, and bars we have to use, this was simply a breath of fresh air.

Baujahr: gebraucht
Fahrkönnen: Fortgeschritten, Aufsteiger
Kite Einsatzbereich: Wave, Freeride
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