SharkII Fronts

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The all new SharkII fronts. Our team riders wanted a fast and grippy fin for both their quads... mehr

Eine sehr steife Finne für die "K4-Verhältnisse", daraus resultiert viel Grip und Speed!


Produktinformationen "SharkII Fronts"

The all new SharkII fronts. Our team riders wanted a fast and grippy fin for both their quads and thrusters. So we set about designing a fin that was sleek and lower tip area using our ‘super stiff’ material. We slimmed it right down to give back some flex and grip, and widened the base to add hold and drive. The result was a fast and precise feeling fin with just the right balance of grip and release. Already taking Alex Mussolini to a podium finish in Tenerife.

Notice that the SB head will now suit both ‘Slot box’ and the new ‘Star box’ which comes with some Starboard and Severne models.

We’ve also added a 1º option to the SB heads. This is for those with straight boxes who wish to add a bit of toe in for a looser feel. Order two SB 1º fins and you will receive a ‘left and right’ pair.

Available in 8, 9, 10 and 12cm with MT, US, SB (Slotbox/Starbox) and SB 1º.

Sold as Singles!

Baujahr: 2018
Fahrkönnen: Fortgeschritten, 5-6
Typ: Wave
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