Duotone iBase 2.0 + iTendon/Joint

Duotone iBase 2.0 + iTendon/Joint
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Lowest design, extreme durability So that the iBASE 2.0 can be installed or removed without the... mehr

Die iBase ist universal einsetzbar und lässt zum einen zu, dass die Platte auf dem Brett bleibt und somit keine Kratzspuren hinterlässt, sowohl als auch mehrere Mastfußsysteme benutzt werden können.

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Lowest design, extreme durability
So that the iBASE 2.0 can be installed or removed without the need for tools, it has been designed to include a central screw. Although these designs are normally built relatively high, our engineers have found a solution for making the iBASE 2.0 the lowest base of its kind. Because there is nothing in the way, the risk of injury to feet and toes is kept to a minimum. In contrast to conventional mastfoot bases made of Zytel plastic, the iBASE 2.0 is the only one produced using a much stiffer material known as POM, thus improving the durability.
One for all – just one base for all conditions
We are 100% convinced that absolutely no-one in any conditions and for any discipline needs more than one base. The high flexibility and ease of installation and removal makes the need for multiple bases and different systems simply obsolete. This is why we only offer the iBASE 2.0. All these additional features do not lead to any additional weight – something other bases in the market cannot claim to achieve!
Release option
We have always been annoyed having to unscrew the base from the board after the surf session with tired hands, just so the board fits into the board bag. For this problem in particular the iBASE 2.0 features a useful release option for removing the connection joint by simply pulling the sand-resistant, stainless-steel U-pin. Without the need for tools, you can also swap this for a different model in a matter of seconds depending on your preferences.
An additional advantage of this feature is that with a replacement joint/tendon you are immediately ready for action again when worst comes to worst – without having to go through the effort of repairing the joint/tendon.
Even safer
A) For all safety nuts, the release button can now be fixed with a screw (PERMA LOCK OPTION), thus inhibiting the release function.
B) Should the iBASE 2.0 ever become stuck to the board after long storage times, two holes now allow you to use a screwdriver as a lever to release the base with ease.

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