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S2 Maui Banshee
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S2 Maui Banshee

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The 2020 Banshee benefits from S2Maui’s intense Venom race sail development program. As a high... mehr
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The 2020 Banshee benefits from S2Maui’s intense Venom race sail development program. As a high performance, ultralight RAF (camless) Freeride/Freerace/ FreeFoil sail the Banshee provides amazing speed, power and lightweight handling that puts many cambered sails to shame. Superlight weight and progressive leech twist give energetic early planning and instant acceleration. The center of effort is perfectly balanced low and close to the rider for maximum control and Race-derived Focus-Point™ shaping locks a clean and stable profile. The Banshee’s powerful shaping and stability is also perfectly suited to performance minded wind foil riders. Its exceptional power to size ratio and incredible light weight allow for perfectly balanced foil flight even in the lightest of winds. The Banshee offers exceptional speed, performance and versatility from Freeride to Foil, all with the ease of a camless sail.

Micah Buzianis:
“The new 2020 Banshee combines the best of both Slalom and Wave worlds – the light weight and maneuverability of a wave sail and the stability and speed of a race sail! Art nailed the perfect sail for free racing as well as foiling!!”

Artur Szpunar:
The 2020 Banshee has a refined shape to the SpaceLight™ twist zone which together with luff curve shaping refinements increases the lower profile stability and expands wind range. Leech twist borrows from Venom, but with additional focus on low end power required for Freeride and Foil. New “Bright Molten Red” Technora™ Spacelight™ in 2 different thickness is precisely aligned together with the new “Intense Blue Metallic” Technora™ Spacelight™ for a superlight and reactive leech. Race quality tube battens in mid sail body add even more stability.

Fahrkönnen: Fortgeschritten, Aufsteiger, 3-4, 5-6
Gewicht: < 85 KG, > 85 KG, -75 KG
Typ: Freestyle Wave, Wave
Baujahr: 2019
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