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The RRD KH-Alu it’s an amazing freeride hydrofoil with 75cm mast and Aluminum fuselage, the... mehr
Produktinformationen "RRD KH ALU SET Y25-Copy"

The RRD KH-Alu it’s an amazing freeride hydrofoil with 75cm mast and Aluminum fuselage, the perfect length to enjoy hydrofoil freeriding to its maximum. To reduce the learning curve and to make Kite foiling more accessible to everyone, we will still offer the two different additional mast lengths. These two optional Universal masts, the 45cm and the 65cm together with the standard 75cm mast, make up the “RRD Aviation Academy Package” and are ideal for schools and/or beginners.
These two shorter, optional masts, are available as spare parts and can be sold separately. The behavior of our foil set-up is very stable, predictable, and reliable, which is why it has gained worldwide recognition and such great test results.

To reduce the learning curve and make Kite foiling accessible to everyone, we also offer two different additional mast lengths to the standard mast as an optional ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package for schools and beginners; the standard 75cm mast is included, and the optional 45cm or 65cm and 85cm UNIVERSAL masts are available as spare parts.

One of the most important things is having a wing and fuselage that allow the perfect balance in between your feet. This balance will provide a progressive access to foiling, not a difficult one. The front wing, fuselage, and rear wing, enable the foil to rise out of the water progressively, smoothly and at the right speed. This characteristic increases the stability of the foil and also allows it to easily go down wind, which is essential. Starting with a shorter mast length will also aid to the progressive escalation into kite foiling.

Our short, 45CM UNIVERSAL MAST is designed to develop the necessary skills to come out of the water, to get the feeling of a foil under your feet, and the way you position your body on to the board.

The 65CM UNIVERSAL MAST provides the full foil feel for the first time without being too intimidating. This stage of the progression process can last anywhere from days to weeks, depending on your personal skills and available time.

The 75CM UNIVERSAL MAST it’s the perfect multipurpose length for a super stiff and controllable foil set up.

The 85CM UNIVERSAL MAST will perfectly match expert riders that are looking for a higher up-wind angle for better upwind performances.

Fahrkönnen: Fortgeschritten, Aufsteiger
Kite Einsatzbereich: Foil, Freeride
Baujahr: 2020
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