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About ten years ago when Art Szpunar began working with me, I saw an artist with mathematical and scientific skills who, like me, had a lifelong love of sailing with the wind. He had the skills to immediately take my design catalog and convert it to much more sophisticated CAD/CAM technology. My own background was much more experiential and success came more from determined, controlled development rather than the math and science. Art had done a series of graphic look designs in a loose association with another brand, but the fundamental concepts of shaping and tension were totally new. We would meld them, together.

By committing to pass all of my own long tested design principals to him with no reservations, we began a close working relationship that has taken me to the point where now I can only say, “Art is so much better than I ever was!”

His talent lies in a place far beyond the 3D tools and numbers. His intense desire to reach obvious performance differences grew as he understood the proven principals of the shaping/tension relationship. This is the key to achieving consistent easy handling in synch with higher speeds and rapid maneuvers. The relatively tiny size of windsurfing wings demands equally subtle shaping ideas to guarantee correct tension through the cycle of takeoff to flight (the joy of sailing).

Over the years, Art quietly and unassumingly took charge of all aspects of design creation. His passion put him on the water nearly every afternoon, often out sailing alone on a less than stellar day. I know that much as I had always done, there were few moments when he wasn’t relating his experience to his next design idea. And the sails simply continue to be better and better.

S2Maui is the natural culmination of the transition of my design philosophies, built around years of racing and product success, to the very capable hands of Artur Szpunar. I will be happy to remain a part of his next dream, and suggest that anyone interested in experiencing sail and rig design at its best, will find their way to S2Maui.

Aloha, Barry

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